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Marc Collura


Marc Collura

Phone: 847.812.6726

Every American Citizen has a duty to protect and ensure the Liberty for the Next Generation. To ignore this duty is nothing less than Un-American. I hope you will join me in protecting our liberty for us and for our children.

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honors & awards

jul 07, 2015

NRA Benefactor Member and Ring of Freedom Contributor

jul 05, 1978

It was an honor and a blessing to be born an American

aug 14, 2014

The single biggest honor I have ever received, she said yes.

jun 05, 2008

Visiting the Vietnam memorial in D.C., a true honor to know, the sacrifice made for me.


Getting involved with the DTRO was easy, and took little time. It allowed me to vastly expand my knowledge of government and become a part of it. I hope you will join me today.

Jay Radke

The DTRO is an amazing place for young people who want to learn and engage with the community around them in new ways, both personally and politically.

Marc Collura