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This is Your Government, We Can Help You Connect to It

The DTRO and all townships are your closest political organization, township officials are your friends, your neighbors and your co-workers. We are every day people who take an active role in our local politics. We work hard to provide you with with information on candidates for township, county, state and national offices. In short we want to keep you informed in the most streamlined manner possible, we do this in many ways like:

  • Delivering candidate information directly to our neighbors houses.
  • Having met many candidates face to face, we offer suggestions on who we think will best serve our community.
  • We provide sample ballots and information on where and when to vote.
  • We help new voters get registered and update those who may have recently moved in to our community.
  • We attend County and State conventions as delegates, voting on platforms that govern the Republican party at the county and state levels.
  • We participate in community affairs, supporting fraternal organizations and villages with local events.
  • Sometimes  a member of the DTRO decides to seek elected office to better serve the community, we support them in their effort.

These are some of the ways we can connect you to your local government and impact our community in a positive way. Thanks for checking us out, We’re excited your here! We hope that you want to get involved and exercise your freedom of thought and expression and become part of our diverse group. Look below for ways to get involved and start something new today!

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Getting involved with the DTRO was easy, and took little time. It allowed me to vastly expand my knowledge of government and become a part of it. I hope you will join me today.

Jay Radke

The DTRO is an amazing place for young people who want to learn and engage with the community around them in new ways, both personally and politically.

Marc Collura