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Knowledge is Power, It's Waiting for You at the DTRO

Education is extremely important to the DTRO, not just how are schools are educating our community’s children but how well we are educating the voters. This dual interest in education manifests into multiple areas, one being supporting candidates for school boards (District 300) and local college boards (ECC). We also support sensible initiatives in support of all of our schools to help maintain the quality of education our community children need to succeed in life.

Our Precinct Committeemen take on the selfless task of educating our voters on the issues of the day and advise candidates asking to be elected to local, county and state offices. We often meet with Republican candidates during the primary and general election phases of an election cycle and share our thoughts on the candidates. If you yourself have ever wanted to meet and “interview” a candidate talking with us, or joining our group is your invitation to do so.

Here are just some of the way’s the DTRO educates our voters

  • Gathering petitions for those wishing to seek an office so they can be placed on a primary ballot.
  • Passing out information to registered voters so they can make an educated selectin in the primary
  • Confirming who has won the primary and been placed on the general election ballot and the disseminating information on the candidates for office
  • As Deputy Registrars, we inform potential voters of the requirements to register to vote and teach them how the system works, their voting centers, the precinct in which they live and the associated districts – Il Senate, IL representative, County Board, Park Board, Library Board and Fire Protection that represent them.

Precinct Committeemen are available to voters throughout their precinct by phone and email to respond to questions and concerns of their constituents, like what county department needs to be called for resolution of a problem.  We all know when to call police or fire departments but other services are available as well and most residents do not know where or who to call for health, storm, inspection or zoning. So whether you want to learn how someone gets elected to a board, or who to call for zoning the DTRO can help. Feel like getting more involved? Look below for ways to join our team!

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Getting involved with the DTRO was easy, and took little time. It allowed me to vastly expand my knowledge of government and become a part of it. I hope you will join me today.

Jay Radke

The DTRO is an amazing place for young people who want to learn and engage with the community around them in new ways, both personally and politically.

Marc Collura