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Dundee Township is often known as the “far north,” situated along Kane county’s northern boundary with McHenry County. The Township includes portions of East & West Dundee, Elgin, Sleepy Hollow, Carpentersville, Barrington, Hoffman Estates, Algonquin and Gilberts. The Dundee Township Republican Organization (DTRO) purpose is to promote and work for the principles, goals, and objectives of the Republican Party within the Township.


The objectives of the DTRO are those set forth in the Illinois Election Code (10ILCS 5) and Township Organization Acts in the name and on behalf of the Republican Party, and to promote and work for the principles, goals, and objectives of the Republican Party within the Township of
Dundee, County of Kane, State of Illinois, and these United States of America, as established by the Dundee Township Republican Organization.


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Support Energy Freedom!

Dear Congressmen,

Senator Joe Doe and Rep. Jogn Smith are standing up for everyday Americans and our nation’s future. They introduced S. 2170 and H.R. 4286 respectively, the American Energy Renaissance Act. Please support this important legislation.

For too long, bureaucrats and politicians have treated our energy security and our prosperity as bargaining chips for political gain. That’s wrong, and un-American.

The American Energy Renaissance Act frees America from ridiculous and harmful regulations and frees our markets.

This legislation will make energy affordable for American families struggling in the economy, help pay down our debt, and move us away from foreign oil.

I urge you to support this common sense legislation. Please co-sponsor it and advocate for its passage.


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Getting involved with the DTRO was easy, and took little time. It allowed me to vastly expand my knowledge of government and become a part of it. I hope you will join me today.

Jay Radke

The DTRO is an amazing place for young people who want to learn and engage with the community around them in new ways, both personally and politically.

Marc Collura